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Seedrian Giantesses 2: return of the Seedrian Giantess Vore (wow long title)
On a distant planet a discreet act was being committed. The revival of Cosmo the Seedrian. The planet's name is currently secret, but the rest of the details are known. The Lord of all foxes, Shadow Tails Prower, was planning to revive Cosmo using his uncle's failed invention, which he fixed. As the machine worked its' magic, Jiang Tails, the younger brother of Shadow Tails, watched in amazement, as Cosmo returned from the dead. There was only one flaw.
Jiang Tails: is she supposed to be that big?
Shadow Tails: … whose DNA did you use for the energy signature?
Jiang Tails: yours.
Shadow Tails: that's why. She gained some abilities from one of our bloodlines. Then again, it could have just awakened a dormant ability. In any case…
Shadow Tails puts his finger on Cosmo's head and she returns to normal size. She is still unconscious though.
Shadow Tails: you know where to move her.
Jiang Tails: yes my lord.
Cosmo wakes up and finds herself in a fancy bedroom.
Cosmo: wha…? Where am I? What happened? *looks at herself* Why am I naked!?
??? : Good morning my lady.
Cosmo: Who are…? J… Jericho?  Did you die?
Jericho: ha. No not yet my lady. You have been brought back by a special machine that was created by Mephiles L. Ridley and me. But we technically failed. Someone fixed the only flaw. Get dressed my lady. I am taking you to Morbis.
Cosmo: wait. Is… he here?
Jericho: no. he had to deal with something. Why?
Cosmo: *disappointed* oh. I was hoping to see him again.
Jericho: you and about every other girl your age. He is in popular demand since everyone heard you died. They figured since you were dead they would have a chance with him.
Cosmo: but they don't. He is still loyal to me.
Jericho: your bond with my nephew, the lord of all foxes, is one that can't be severed under any circumstance.
Cosmo: it makes me think.
Jericho: we thought you might do that. *gives Cosmo a necklace* should someone try to harm you or you are not satisfied with your life with Miles. Just use this necklace. My Lord will personally come to bring you back here.
Cosmo is taken back to Morbis. Jericho drops her off and leaves. Cosmo starts to walk towards Tails lab, but starts to get thirsty on the way there. She stops by a lake that had a bunch of Chaos there. Cream was there with cheese, and she saw Cosmo. She quickly ran behind a tree and started to spy on Cosmo.
Cram: (what is she doing here!? I thought she was dead! Tails was going to be all mine!)
Cosmo's stomach growls.
Cosmo: I'm so hungry. I forgot to eat before I left Jericho.
Cosmo's Stomach growls louder.
Cosmo: forget hungry. I'm famished.
Suddenly Cosmo starts to grow to gigantic size. The Chao flee into the water due to fear.
Cosmo: I'm still thirsty though. I wonder why the lake got smaller. And the trees. *stomach growls* I'll figure it out later.
The Chaos see a giant part of lips moving towards the lake. They scream and dive underwater. Cosmo starts to slurp up the water, and the Chaos and being sucked into her mouth. The Chaos scream and Cosmo continues to drink.  She drank until the entire lake was in her mouth she sloshes the water around in her mouth, and the Chaos are banged against her teeth. Cheese Panics and flies Towards Cosmo's mouth to save his brethren.
Cream: Don't do it Cheese! It's suicide!
Cosmo begins to gargle using the lake water, and Cheese flies into her mouth. The only thing Cream sees is Cosmo closing her mouth. Then she hears a gulp. The only thing left is a lump going down Cosmo's neck.
Cream: no Cheese!
Cream flies towards Cosmo and flies inter her mouth when she yawns. She suddenly is overtaken b Cosmo's breath.
Cream: EW! Cosmo! Your breath stinks!
The water enters Cosmo's belly, and she lets out a sigh of relief. Cream covers her nose, unable to bear the horrible smell of Cosmo's breath. She suddenly spots Cheese, desperately holding onto Cosmo's uvula.
Cream: Cheese! You're okay!
Suddenly Cosmo's tongue pushes Cream towards the back of her mouth. Then it knocks Cream into Cosmo's esophagus. Cheese flies into Cosmo's Esophagus to save Cream. But it was too late. Both of them landed in Cosmo's stomach, in the big lake of stomach acid. As for the lake water, that was somewhere else in Cosmo's body. They quickly jumped out of the acid and grabbed onto the walls of Cosmo's belly. They saw the other Chaos doing the same thing.
Cream: EW! The stench in here is worse than her breath!
Cosmo's tummy lets out a large growl. And everyone falls into the stomach acid. Sizzling sounds are heard on their bodies and the acid digests them. Cosmo just giggles and lies down to take a nap. Cream takes out a cell phone and calls Sonic. When Cream explains what happened, Sonic and everyone else (except Tails) runs over to the lake and sees Cosmo lying down in the pit where the lake used to be.
Sonic: Cosmo! Spit Cream and all those chaos out now!
Cosmo: oh hi Sonic and friends. Where's Tails?
Amy: why do you want to know!? So you can eat him!?
Cosmo: what!? Why would I do that!?
Charmy: you just ate Cream!
Cosmo: I did!? I didn't know she was swimming in the lake! I didn't see her! Oh well. Less competition for Tails.
Tails: is this what you have become Cosmo?
Cosmo: when did you get here Tails?
Tails: you aren't the girl I fell in love with. You're a monster. A freak.
Cosmo: you better watch your mouth! With this necklace, I can summon someone who would make even the most powerful foe you ever faced look like nothing.
Sonic: yeah right! Cut her stomach open!
Cosmo: no!
Cosmo touches the necklace. The ground shakes, and a giant red beam appears. They hear armor moving and look up at the hill. They see a tall well built black and red fox standing on the hill. They see another female Seedrian walk next him. Of course it's hard to tell she's female because her clothing hides her female appearance very well.
Cosmo: Velora?
Velora: Inhabitants of Morbis! You have been surrounded by the Prower Army! Surrender the Light Empress Cosmo now, and I promise none of you will be harmed.
Shadow: yeah right.
Shadow, Rouge, Amy and Knuckles send shockwaves and other projectile attack toward Shadow Tails. Shadow Tails walks towards the projectiles and waves his arm with such force that everything is sent back to who fired them. Everyone runs to avoid being hit. Shadow Tails slams his right foot into the ground and roars as he thrusts his right arm into the air. The dark clouds vanish, and light beams down on Cosmo and Velora.
Shadow Tails: I am the Dark Emperor Shadow Tails Prower. Allow Cosmo to come with me peacefully and I will grant you everlasting peace and harmony! Abduct her, and I promise I will your life miserable!
Sonic: yeah right! In your dreams!
During all this, Cream and the Chao are being digested in Cosmo's stomach. They are desperately trying to find a way to escape the stomach acid, but they can't grab onto anything.
Cream: it hurts so much! Somebody help us!
Chao: *screaming in pain.*
Cosmo's stomach churns the lake water, which returned to her belly, making it harder for the lives the ended up in there.
Cosmo:*moaning in pleasure* that feels good.
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow manage to escape while Shadow Tails knocks out Vanilla, Amy and Rouge.
Cosmo: toss them into my mouth. I want them to see the inside of my giant belly.
Shadow Tails: …
Shadow Tails tosses the girls and Vanilla into Cosmo's mouth. Cosmo swishes them around in her mouth to wake them up.
Amy: EW!
Rouge: this is so gross.
Vanilla: I'm coming Cream!
Cosmo swallows all three of them in one gulp. 15 seconds later they join Cream in the Seedrian Giantess' belly.
Amy: *screaming in pain*it hurts so much!
Vanilla: LET US OUT!
Cosmo: this is your punishment for calling me a freak and making Tails break my heart.
Cosmo can hear Shadow Tails' knuckles cracking when he turns his hands into fists.
Cosmo: its okay Shadow Tails. I have you. And you're all I need.
Shadow Tails: … of course my lady.
Cosmo: carry me?
Shadow Tails: at once my lady.
Shadow Tails turns into a giant fox and picks up Cosmo with his Tails.
Cosmo: *giggling* your fur tickles.
Her stomach vibrates when she laughs, causing her stomach acid to churn. The group stuck in her belly start to scream in fear.
Cream: when will it end?
Vanilla: when she finishes digesting us.
Rouge: *groaning*
Amy pounds her hammer on Cosmo's belly, but it just gets stuck in the crevices on the stomach wall. The wall seeps acid onto the hammer and it is digested in an instant. Meanwhile, Shadow Tails places Cosmo on his back and starts walking to the sea on all four legs.
Cosmo:* pleasured moaning * this feels so nice. I'm so glad I get to be with you again.
Shadow Tails: …
Cosmo: are you mad at me for what happened with Tails? Please don't be mad at me.
Shadow Tails: Blue Hedgehog.
Cosmo: Sonic? Where?
About a mile away Sonic was advancing towards Cosmo on a large ship that Tails built.
Cosmo: oh. It looks like he's back.
Shadow Tails: they won't take you from me.
Cosmo: *strokes Shadow Tails' chin* I know my lord. Now go get 'em! Oh wait. *kisses Shadow Tails on the lips* I wanted to refuel you before you went off.
Shadow Tails:*roars*
Sonic: sounds like the enemy knows we're here. Well I guess that means we can wait for them to come to us.
Shadow Tails returns to normal fighting size and starts to walk into the ocean.
Espio: Sonic! That Giant fox is walking into the ocean!
Sonic: just what is he up to?
Shadow Tails: Sonic the hedgehog, Let Lady Cosmo Seederia live in peace, and I will  bring peace to this planet. Oppose her…
Shadow Tails raises his fist and aims it at the ocean floor (he's only a few feet deep)
Shadow Tails: and your home world will suffer my wrath!
Shadow Tails slams his fist into the ocean floor knuckles first. The water flies into the air and moves in all directions. When the moving water is gone, all that is left is the ocean floor. No Ocean anywhere in sight.
Vector: he parted the sea!
Espio: it's… it's all gone.
Charmy: what the… what the hell is he!?
Shadow Tails gets up and starts to walk towards the ship.
Sonic: so that bastard is Tails' brother.
Charmy: Sonic! That fox and normal sized Seedrian are…
Sonic: that black and red Leviathan is their Lord! Shoot him down!
Vector: locked on!
Sonic: fire!
The Energy Canon tacked to the ship starts to fire. It hits the ground a few times then strikes its target. Sonic smiles, but it fades away when the dust starts to clear.
Sonic: what!?
When the dust fully clears they can see Shadow Tails standing with his hand stretched out, as if he blocked the blast with his bare hand.
Knuckles: he blocked the cannon with his bare hand!?
Shadow Tails begins to resume his advance towards the ship.
Shadow Tails: to think you would gain much courage over a mere pea shooter really speaks about your character. Your father would be appalled to hear about such things!
Sonic: don't think this is any old ship! This baby can move on land! Speed it up guys!
Velora: just as I suspected. Tails' intellect is capable of rivaling his brothers. It would be amusing to see the two in a battle of wits.
Jiang Tails: but he can't match our lord's strength.
Velora: that I am aware of.
Sonic: what will you do now savage fox Lord!
Shadow Tails: so you wish to be more bones crushed on my path of glory.
Shadow Tails starts to do an uppercut, and the ground starts rising around the ship. The ship is stopped dead in its tracks.
Sonic: bastard. Huh!?
Sonic Looks up and sees Shadow Tails coming down from above. He jumps out of the way. Shadow Tails crashes into the ship, busting its engines.
Sonic: so you want to go at it? I hope you know what happens when you set foot in My Territory Shadow Tails Prower.
Shadow Tails: Sonic the hedgehog. I see it now, a fitting wimp for a weak planet. Let Cosmo Seederia leave in peace, and I will bring peace and prosperity to Morbis!
Sonic: *laughing* this isn't up for discussion! There's no way a hedgehog is going to become a fox's underling!
Shadow Tails: then accept defeat with dignity.
Sonic: you really want to go at it with me huh!?
Sonic starts to attack Shadow Tails. Meanwhile, Velora and Jiang Tails order the troops to advance.
Espio: the troops are entering the ship!
Cosmo: *burp* oh I think Amy's starting to give me indigestion. Sucks for her and the rest of them.
Cosmo's stomach starts to groan and the acids start to violently churn and slam against the walls. Whenever Cream or another poor victim is banged against the wall, acids seep out of the wall and onto them, digesting them quicker.
Cosmo: *laughing* if that's the case then you're not doing a very good job. You're just being churned in my stomach. The only reason you're giving me indigestion is because you're so spicy that is hurt my stomach when I ate you.
Back to Sonic.
Sonic: the oceans of Morbis are my backyard!
Sonic tries to ram Shadow Tails, but misses due to Shadow Tails' reflexes.
Sonic: I won't let you cause Chaos on it!
Sonic comes at Shadow Tails with great speed. He goes to kick him but just barely misses.
Sonic: huh!
Shadow Tails: the world you see is too small.
Shadow Tails eyes glow as he punches Sonic and then follows up with a Barrage of punches, ending with an uppercut, sending Sonic flying into the Ship, breaking the cannon.
Shadow Tails: do you not see your own weakness? By now you must be regretting to ever challenge a powerful force just as myself.
Sonic: that's the problem with foxes, they think they know everything. I'll be damned if I let you have your way with Morbis or with Tails' birth planet. Before you set your eyes on the conquest of everything there are some things you should pay, ATTENTION TO FIRST!
Sonic jumps up and slams his foot against Shadow Tails' arm.
Shadow Tails: foolishness.
Shadow Tails kicks Sonic high into the air. Then he jumps up and goes to knock him back down.
Shadow Tails: you are weak! You can not break me!
Shadow Tails slams his elbow on Sonic, sending the hedgehog crashing into the ship, cracking it severely.
Espio and others: SONIC!
Cosmo: he hasn't changed, has he Velora?
Velora: nope.
Cosmo: I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted him.
Velora: speaking of that. I have a request. Could you not kill Tails? I have a use for him.
Cosmo: only if he doesn't try to piss me off beyond measure.
Velora: agreed. Of course I didn't say anything about our lord killing him.
Back to Sonic, who miraculously managed to survive such a beating and still had strength left to fight.
Sonic: heh. That… didn't hurt a bit. You sons of bitches! Get back, to the cannon!
Shadow Tails: lonely hedgehog of a miserable planet, go to the heavens and prepare to meet your friends there.
Sonic: *licking the blood off hi lips* I'm not letting you leave here alive. *cattle cry*
Suddenly the ship starts to explode into pieces. Sonic smiles, thinking he's won, suddenly, he feels someone grabbing him.
Sonic: *gasps*
Sonic's allies: SONIC!
Cosmo had moved to the ship to see if Shadow Tails was okay. She ate sonic as well as everyone who was on the ship, leaving Tails, Tikal and Shadow as one of the few sentient beings on Morbis outside of her belly. She looks at the wrecked ship with a worried face, fearing that Shadow Tails was destroyed in the explosion. Her face turned from a worried look to a happy one when she hears a voice in the flames.
Cosmo runs into the flames, forgetting that she isn't flame resistant like Velora. She runs into Shadow Tails, who wraps his Tails around her, protecting her from the flames. During this, Sonic and the other members who were eaten just landed in Cosmo's stomach alongside Amy, Cream and everyone else.
Amy: that means that we have to hope that Tails and Shadow save us.
Rouge: … we're doomed.
Cream: mom? I'm… starting… to… feel… weak. *passes out*
Vanilla: no Cream! Stay awake! Don't pass out1 she'll… Digest… you. *passes out8
Amy: you two are a… bunch of… weaklings. *passes out*
Rouge: okay you have to admit, that was funny.
Sonic: yeah it was. She's yelling at them for passing out from only being in here for what… about an hour? And then she passes out right after them.
Cosmo: I wouldn't laugh if I were you because you're next Rouge.
Rouge: yeah… right. *passes out*
The girls are all asleep inside Cosmo's belly. They sink into the acid and are fully digested except for their bones.
Cosmo: I hope they aren't too fattening.
Sonic: uh-oh. Looks like we're next.
Cosmo: oh you think!? If I remember correctly, you were the one who wanted to cut my tummy open!
Sonic: oh yeah.
Shadow Tails: …
Cosmo: don't kill him yet my Lord. I want to talk to him. Just give me a chance to digest my new appetizers.
Shadow Tails: of course my lady.
Another hour goes by and Cosmo digests Sonic and the others. Her tummy was now empty and was satisfied enough for her to return to normal size. Shadow Tails flies her to Tails' lab.
Cosmo: stay out here please. I don't want Tails to believe I'm here to harm him.
Shadow Tails: …
Cosmo walks into the lab. Tails looks at Cosmo in disbelief.
Tails: Cosmo!? You're… normal size? I knew that giant one was an ugly mutated clone!
Cosmo: ugly!? Tails that was me! I couldn't return to normal size because Cream and Cheese decided to be a bunch of retards and jump into my stomach!
Tails: I knew it! Shadow! Now! *waits a moment* Shadow?
Shadow: yeah yeah I'll kill her.
Cosmo: what!? I thought you loved me!?
Tails: I loved the original you. Not this hideous monstrosity.
Cosmo: *crying*
Shadow Tails: Bastards.
Cosmo: *stops crying* Shadow Tails?
Shadow Tails: you made Cosmo suffer. I will make you feel her pain.
Shadow Tails roars so loud bursts of winds fill the lab. As he walks towards Shadow the ground breaks beneath him.
Jiang Tails: brother no! Brother!
Everything blacks out for a moment. When it's clear again, everyone sees Shadow on the ground, turned into a bloody mess.
Shadow Tails: any who makes Cosmo feel sorrow… *Raises his fist into the air* will be crushed by my fists!
Cosmo:  now, where was i? I am the original Cosmo! I'm the only Seedrian named Cosmo! I ended up getting that giant effect after I was revived a second time.
Tails: wait. A second time?
Cosmo: yeah. After the first I came to see you but Velora ate me before I could.
Tails: that was you in Velora's stomach! Wow. That must have been bad. I could hear her stomach digesting you from outside her belly.
Cosmo: yeah it was horrible. Don't make me relive that experience. When I was revived the second time, this giantess thing took effect. Whenever I'm really hungry, scared or pissed that ability turns on and I grow. And if I eat something big or normal sized like a living being I can't change back into normal form until I digest whatever I ate.
Tails: oh. So then why is Shadow Tails here?
Shadow Tails: to resume my sacred oath. An oath that you nearly broke.
Tails: huh!?
Shadow Tails: I made an oath to protect Cosmo from harm. But when the space colony was attacked, my home world was attacked at the same time. We were low on troops and I could not abandon our uncle Jericho. When I found out what happened I spent years looking for her. When I found out she sacrificed her life so you, my half-brother, could kill Dark Oak, I… well I can't explain the amount of rage I was feeling.
Cosmo: you don't need to.
Tails: wait. You… could protect her from anything?
Shadow Tails: and I still can, as long as I am by her side. The instant I left, trouble found her and took her away from me.
Tails: okay so you're Mr. All powerful. What's the catch? Every dark being like you usually has something that sets them off. What's the matter? Never had parents? Or did your mom abandon you? If that was the case it would mean she didn't care.
Shadow Tails: …
Tails: huh?
Tails saw  dark red aura building around Shadow Tails. His body starts to expose all of its strength. His fists were clenched so hard his claws were digging into his hands. Suddenly the lab's ceiling breaks into  many pieces. Shadow Tails stops and looks up. Tails looks up and sees that Cosmo returned to her giantess size. Cosmo snatches Tails and brings him right to her face.
Tails: Cosmo! What are you doing!?
Cosmo: you little bastard! How dare you say that to your brother!
Tails: how do you know about his family!?
Cosmo: I was there when his mother died!
Tails: …
Shadow Tails: …
Cosmo: imagine you being with your mother. She being the only one in your life that cared about you. She raised you. And you took it as your duty to protect her. Then one day a group of savages comes along and beats you up. Then your mother comes to defend you and they kill her. All you can do is lie on the ground and watch them killing her, unable to do anything to stop them. From that day on I am the only on Shadow Tails has ever loved! And that is why he will do anything to keep me alive and happy! And now I'm going to return the love he's shown me by proving my love for him!
Tails: and how are you going to do that?
Cosmo: by eating and digesting you! to prove that I no longer have feelings for you!
Tails: wait! let's think about this Cosmo!
Cosmo: okay. We can think while you're in my stomach being digested!
Cosmo begins to move Tails towards her mouth. Tails can see her teeth nd hear her stomach roaring in hunger.
Tails: please don't do this Cosmo! I'm sorry!
Cosmo: oh you're gonna be.
Cosmo places Tails on her tongue and closes her couth. Tails stands up and tries to push Cosmo's mouth open. His feet sink into her soft pink tongue and his hands slightly sink into the roof of her mouth. Cosmo smiles and starts to chew Tails.  Tails doges for a minute then slips and his legs land on her bottom molar.
Cosmo: ooh, Fox legs.
Cosmo bites down on Tails legs. A large crunching sound is heard and Cosmo starts to chew Tails, legs with her molars.
Tails: *screaming in Pain* STOP IT! THAT HURTS!
Cosmo uses her tongue to flip him over and starts to chew his Tails.
Cosmo: okay I'll stop chewing.
Tails: *sigh of relief* thank you.
Cosmo swallows Tails. He lands in her stomach, which surprisingly has no acid.
Tails: I thought you said you were going to stop!?
Cosmo: I said I would stop chewing. I didn't say anything about swallowing and digesting you.
Tails: how can you digest me with no acid?
Cosmo: who said I was going to digest you. I'm just going to leave you in my tummy until you learn your lesson. *turns to Shadow Tails. Can I come home with you my lord?
Shadow Tails: it would be my honor Lady Cosmo.
Cosmo: *giggles* you're always so good to me.
Shadow Tails flies Cosmo and Velora back to his home world. During this, Vines inside Cosmo's belly came out and started to tug on Tails' arms, legs and Tails.
Tails: ow! Please stop it Cosmo!
Cosmo: nope.
Cosmo: please brother! I'm sorry! I didn't know! Make her stop!
Shadow Tails: I will never force my lady to do something she doesn't want to do.
Velora: stop it Cosmo! before he's no longer useable!
Cosmo: *laughing* okay Velora.
Cosmo regurgitates Tails, and Velor catches him before he hits the ground.
Tails; *hugging Velor* oh thank you Velora!
Cosmo: what about me!? I didn't have to let you out! Not after the way you treated me and Shadow Tails!
Cosmo: I'm sorry for that. And I thank you for showing mercy towards me.
Velora: actually I would have killed her a second time if she had killed you.
Cosmo: not with my lord here.
Velora: good point.
The girls laugh as they head for the palace. They enjoy a peaceful life for many years. By the time they were 21, Velor had already given birth to Shadow Tails first son and Daughter Helios, who were both 8 years old. Cosmo had forgiven Tails and had given birth to his first set of twins, Katie and Prowten. At the age of 21 Cosmo gave birth to her true love's set of twins, who they named Darkia and Darkgate.
Shadow Tails: I have to deal with an old enemy of ours. I will be back in a few years.
Cosmo: *kisses Shadow Tails* okay.
Shadow Tails: *kisses Darkia on the forehead* bye princess. I'll come back to you and your mother. I promise. Until then, I expect to behave yourself Darkgate!
Darkgate, whose sentient thought had already began to develop, did the usual Chinese way of confirming that he accepted his orders. So ends the story of how Cosmo became a giantess. But little did they know, a new Giantess was waiting to make her name known. Who is it? Find out In Seedrian Giantesses 3: Daddy's "little princess.
(as for part one: Tails new girlfriend, that is in the works along with the third part, which is almost done)
third part is done and we're working on the first.
Cosmo returns after being Digested by Velora, but she finds out she got a new feature along with the revival.
i'd actually pay someone a year premium membership (once i get a Paypal account) if they could make a comic out of this!
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